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Multi-tier Market Indices

    At the heart of continental Europe, Euronext is the top market place for tech stocks listings, resulting in the Euronext Tech Platform showcase indices. These indices are based on a selection of stocks from Euronext markets as well as EnterNext, which is a subsidiary market of Euronext and dedicated to financing and promoting Small and Mid Caps. It comprises the 750 listed Small and Mid Cap companies on Euronext markets in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Examples of Euronext Tech Platform showcase indices

    ●EnterNext® Tech 40

    ●Euronext® Health Care Equipment Services EW

    ●Next Biotech

Index Information for EnterNext Tech 40

    Euronext launched the EnterNext® Tech 40 as a label recognizing innovative European Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Each year the EnterNext® Tech 40 will allow 40 top-performing European companies to benefit increased visibility on the tech focused listing venue.

EnterNext® Tech 40 Index Values

Index Specification


    All domestic companies admitted to listing on Euronext markets on segment B, C and Alternext that fulfil the following sectors: Biotech and Medtech, Cleantech and Technology-Media-Telecom as defined by EnterNext.


    The index is supervised by the “Comité d’experts indépendants” who are responsible for setting the rules and the periodical selection. Euronext acts as the Compiler and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the index. The index rules are available on the Euronext website: www.euronext.com/en/indices/index-rules.

●Calculation and Distribution

    Price, Net Return and Gross Return in EUR; Every 15 seconds during Euronext regulated trading hours.

●Review Frequency

    The annual review of the composition of the index is effective on the third Friday of April.